Top 3 Tips to Get Your Offer Accepted TODAY

Getting an offer accepted is never easy, especially when housing inventory is low and home buyers are plentiful. Many properties receive multiple offers from multiple buyers, all bidding on the same property.

Here are 3 top tips to stand out from the crowd and help get your offer accepted!

  • Outbid Your Competition: Buyers have the tendency to want to underbid on a property. Why not overbid instead? Offering an additional $5,000 can make the difference between owning your dream home or having to keep looking and make offers for months to follow. An additional $5,000 to your loan only adds about $30 to your monthly payment.
  • Work with an Expert Realtor: Choosing an expert realtor will help you tremendously. Take their advice and follow their lead! Remember, you’re on the same team. They want you to be highly satisfied so you become a client for life. Expert realtors are always focused on your best interest.
  • Write a Compelling Offer: You want to stand out from the masses and be attractive to the seller. So keep it simple, and avoid asking for long escrows, seller credits, or anything else the seller may find disagreeable, unless you absolutely have to. Once you’re in escrow with an accepted offer, the seller will often be more willing to negotiate.

If you’re offer is not accepted, don’t be too disappointed. Chalk it up to the fact that “it was not meant to be,” learn from the experience, and know that a better property is around the corner waiting for you!